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Welcome Back Sponsors

1-16-15 CY is always happy working with great sponsors who care as much about youth cycling devo as us.  Today's highlight is a company that has been with us for many years.  ESI Grips are a soft, grippy and very comfortable handlebar grip made of 100% silicone.

If you have never worked with juniors; they don't like change, they don't like aything new and don't like anything different.  Yet, ESI Grips is one thing all our team riders love in unison.  The grips are lightweight, easy on the hands and with all the pretty colors we can match our team kit perfectly.

For 2015 we are spec'ing Aqua Blue on bikes, and in FL

Green/Yellow/Green.  Most of our youth (avg age 15) prefer the

Chunky style for a perfect ergonomical hand fit.

Get your ESI Grips through or one of our

favorite sponsor shops.

Web Page Changes

1-5-15 CycleYouth formerly used Homestead for web hosting, but they have been unstable for several months, so we have moved to this free hosting site.  We only have 4 pages available vs the unlimited we had before, but it is free, and it does work.  Some of the history will be lost, but staff is in the process of moving most of it to a free blog site for historical preservation.  It also does not have a spell checker.

In order to facilitate more pages we will use blogs for news feeds.  Links will be given on this page and on the Home page when needed.

New Recruits

10-10-14  NICA Racers, do you want to keep racing in the Spring?  While high school racing is only in the fall for your area, CycleYouth wants to assist you to race in the spring and summer.

We are a junior team not affiliated specifically with any NICA or high scool.  It is our intent to help grow the sport and help you achieve you racing and training goals.

CycleYouth is a perfect compliment to your high school racing and will help you reach new heights.

CycleYouth will be attending both GSC and SERC events in the Southeast as well as select events (3 hour and 6 hour format) through the spring and summer as well as National Championships in July.

Contact us or any of our team riders and let us know you are interested.

SERC #4, Fort Yargo


Evan passing CycleYouth team pit

                                                                                              Hayden Lanzilotta

Colton Davis in the mud

                                                                                                Carter leading off the start

CY News

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junior mountain bike racing team


nationals qualifications and upgrade rules
To qualify for nationals or to upgrade:

Upgrade process for mtb, you may advance up to cat 2 on your own. To upgrade from cat 2 to cat 1 required usac approval.

See rule # 7 B 8
Looks like you just have to do one usac race and place top 15 (finish in this case).

Team Rides
We will be doing several group rides. These will include some skills coaching, but mainly to ride and pre-ride upcoming race courses that some may want to preview.
*Jan 25 we will ride Tribble Mill for the 3/6 hour race to be held the next weekend (31).
*Feb at Conyers for the 3/6 hour race that following week.
*April 4 (Easter weekend) at Yellow River to preview the Speed Banana Epic Saga 4-Hr race. this race has 4 hour solo, 4 hour 2-person team (including high school teams) and 2 lap races for beginner and juniors that are not up to a 4 hour event.
Contact us for specific times and details.
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New Sponsors
Dragon Composites is sponsoring CycleYouth. Deep discounts on frames, wheels, rims and all other build kit parts.
Frames and wheels in all sizes (26, 650, 29). The frame Andy rode last year is the same design, but the new Dragon frames are a full pound lighter! is a team sponsor. Deep discounts, contact for the login to get discount orders.
Brake pads, drink mix, tire sealant, rim tape, ti and alloy bolts, grips and light weight alloy cable housing with cabe are all available.

ESI Grips. Let us know what size: Racers Edge, Chunky or Extra Chunky.


2015 Jerseys Kit
We will put jersey and bib orders in by early Feb this year. There will be a slightly altered design on both. Riders wanting jackets, vest or long sleeve please contact us early. The design for those will be modified slightly from the race jersey.

Adam is off
CY rider, Adam Cohen, makes a move from Miami, FL to VA to attend a school where mtb is the king sport. With 16 miles of trail just on campus, and more on the way it seems cycling is taken the ball from other sports. You are living the dream.

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